Frost (thexphase) wrote,

things i forgot....

April 8: hanged out with ian. the only one for that matter. played a computer game called world of warcraft. he finally got me online in that game. damn him! got me addicted! :P nah been waiting to play since it came out. so since no one was gonna join us afterwards, we ended up playing some more. i dropped off my bag cuz i forgot his birthday card. gave him his birthday card. he read it well driving! reminds of that time with jon's friend that changed into her skirt while DRVING! yeah. carwreck is what that is. so we went for drinks at the king's head. didnt end up drinking cuz well ian was driving. so i didnt buy him a drink. oh well, maybe next get-together. maybe get him drunk too if possible!

April 14: had a discussion on messenger. with the guys, ian and Just. deciding which movie and theatre to go to. going back and forth on the issue. towne 8 or cinema city on kenaston. inside man or lucky number sleiven or bloodrayne or brokeback mountain (ian's idea btw). then more opinions were involved when we couldnt decide on the issue. those opinions were chantal's, brittany's, rhea's, jono's and matt's. even though matt and jono didnt reply. so the issue was solved. we were all headin to chantal's place to play some games on the xbox and ps2. and a movie or two if possible. rhea couldnt come cuz she wasnt in the city. Ian came and picked me up and then we went and picked up Just and headed to Chan's. Arrived and no brit. Chan and Just went and got brit. so ian and i played chess with ki while they left. they returned and ian set up the systems. just and i played some hackey sack while we waited and brit watched. while waiting, we heard some "banging". turns out it was just ian hammering. yeah. anyways, we watch on his projector on a white sheet cuz there's no white wall. ian ordered some pizza from pizza hut (also known as pizza slut too). and ended up watching jackass the movie cuz ian wanted to show us something funny. so after the pizzas arrived, jono arrived 5 mins later. it was a surprise. he actually read the conversation on messenger. so once the movie was done. we played guitar hero. lmao. after that, bomberman, then circus maximus. ahhh, the foul language of today. such language from jono, brittany and just. ian thinks his class is full of pervs. thats funny. well the time reached 2am and jono and brit left with jono giving brit a ride home cuz brit has a curfew.... o.0 she lives in residence....what curfew??? anyways after that, me, just, ian and chan played winning eleven 8. some soccer! it was ian and chan vs just and me. they took the first game in a shootout. we took the second game in a shootout. best of 3. final game. we win on a final score of 4 to NOTHING!!!! hahahaha! it was an actually good night though. i enjoyed that time. i needed that. it was good to spend time like that. ahh memories....Jono telling the audience in Guitar hero to fuck off bitches cuz he was a star. lmao. Brittany screaming every profanity at me and just cuz Just couldnt drive and me cuz i kept killing them while racing. rofl. Just yelling fuck everytime he killed himself in bomberman. lol. Chan saying shit everytime she made an error in soccer. ahhh....such foul-mouthed gamers!!! next time we should have a tournament! lol! yeah sure we will. too bad we didnt play halo....ahhh halo.

i hope there is another time.
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