Frost (thexphase) wrote,

april 8-12

well last friday, i spent the day with my grandmother. went shopping with her. like all grandmothers, they want to buy u stuff. so she did. made my grandmother laugh all day when she wanted to buy a new jacket. granted, i dont want a jacket but you know, grandma's tend to get a little over-zealous when wanting to buy things for their grandkids. so i tried one on. it looked like it fit. now when i say it looked like it fit, it looked like it fit me well but the truth was it didnt. she was happy and said it fitted! i told her it didnt. she was confused. she looked at me and said it fitted. i look at her and said it doesnt fit. then she bugged me about just because it wasnt a designer name or brand. now either way she took it personal until i told her that it didnt fit and turned around. she laughed hysterically. i looked at her and told her, see it doesnt fit. she kept laughing and i just smiled at her. i knew she was gonna blab about this i knew it. it looked like it fitted but it didnt. the front part look ok, the back on the other hand well....lets just say it covered my shoulder blades pretty well. after shopping we went back to the hotel and eat. i stayed until we went to the aboriginal funeral home to see the body. it was finally released. i saw him. i finally saw him. saw my grandfather in that casket and then i went to see my other grandmother and kissed her. my grandmother's last living gone. my grandfather. he was a massive of a man. bigger than me, he had big hands, tall as me but not as wide as me but the only man i knew that was bigger than me. once the funeral was over, my grandmother then went on to tell the story of the jacket fit. humilating me in front of my aunts and uncles and cousins who would listen to her. it made everyone laugh. good thing i can bring a smile to my family. even if its at my expense. :P after we went back to the hotel she was staying and stayed with her til the next day. saturday, she and the rest of the family went home back to the reservation. to take the body back to the reserve, for the reserve funeral.

i went home on sunday for the funeral. missed my first flight cuz well..i forgot to turn on the timer. yeah, anyways went there and see if i could get on the second flight. which i didnt, didnt get confirmed until the 6pm flight. surprised that there was a 6pm flight cuz there usually isnt one. so i checked my bag and wasted some time. went back at exactly 5.45 cuz well...i do that. so 6pm strolls on by and....keeps fuckin strolling. they call a flight number by behold, its not mine. so im waiting an hour later....3....count'em THREE flight numbers are called and not one was mine. so they finally do call it and its 7. freakin perimeter. i hat yah! anyways i finally arrive....home. its a 8.15. i call my grand's and no one is home. great....i gotta walk across the ice and then walk home. [oh i live on an island btw and the airport is on another island] what the??? my bag got there before i did. at least it arrived unlike 2 springs ago. so yeah i collect my bag and start walkin and who do i see? my mom and donald??? she asked him if he could come and get me. cool. so i have a ride. he drives us home and i ask them if its true about what happened on thurs. the day he died. and they told me it was true. i was so angry. i cant believed that they actually did that. that was nothing more than disrespect. i cant believe she did it though. i knew she was capable but to actually do that. disrespectful. so don drops us off at our house. havent seen don since last summer, it was good to see him again. i ate before we head to me-cell's house for the wake. i didnt cry much when i got there, i was already cried out from a couple days before. met my cousins who i havent seen grow up in over....what since i went to cranberry in 98? that long huh? yeah. so yeah, after staying there for a couple of hours and my family decide to go home. my parents and little sisters and i go home. but before we do go, what happens to before we found a ride??? i slip on some mud and fall on my back. the first that happens to me when i get there and its a mud fall. the reserve....yeah. very muddy....i mean my grandma bought me new shoes before i left and look at them now, they dont look new. so yeah....entertaining. yeah..whatever brings a smile, thats me. my mom tells me the funeral is the next day. i was surprised. i asked why? she said it takes 2 days. i said no, it takes 3 days, once the funeral takes place in wpg then we have a wake for 2 days and then the next day, the funeral. i asked why they would rush it? she didnt know but the funeral was the next day. i was glad i got the plane that day even if it was at 7pm. i asked my baby sister when she wanted me to go back to wpg. tuesday or wednesday? now i knew she would say wed cuz she always wants me to stay longer than i should. so she said wed and that was that.

next day we had the funeral. it's a sight i hope to never see again. two funerals under the same church. two elders had past on. yeah, i hope i dont. so, once mass was done, the casket had to carried out of the church. im glad i was one of the pallbearers. i helped carried him out. an honour i will always cherish. after we carry him out and put him into the back of the truck to be taken to the graveyard. i see my cousin and friends. i join them. we talk and have some laughs. native keeps us going and something people outside of the reserve will never understand. i head to the graveyard with them. we reach it and wait. the truck went around to the other side. the other side is a mud hill and i see them having trouble and we went and helped carry it up the hill nearly tripping because of the mud. we finally get him up and anchor the casket in. once the father was done with the prayer, we start to bury him. it just...gets me you know. it does. once we were done, something happened. it once the grave was funished, the sun came out. it brought a smile i just couldnt hide even if i could i didnt want too! after the funeral, i helped out with my grandmother and her older sister. they went to the feast at the complex which hadnt started. they wanted to wait and said i could come back later. so i agreed and went to go visit my best friend, cody. who was in a umm...."pickle" with his wife. we went for a walk and talk some shit. i miss hanging out with him. and my other friends as well....except they're all married and having kids....well not all of them but 90% of them is all! after the walk he joins me to check on my grandmothers. the feast hasnt started yet. and they're stilling sitting there waiting and talking to another family member. i told her i'll wait and they said ok. i go outside with my bud and talk some more. we ended up talkin about old game systems and games that we used to play. i havent smiled so much in quite awhile. then our other buddy came, poopsie!!! he joined the conv and talked about pong! now thats old school! oh man it was great to talk to those guys. i miss those days. so cody leaves to talk to his wife and settle things and i stay and help out with the preparations for the feast. after i finish, my grandmothers leave cuz my aunts came to pick them and wait with their sister-in-law while they wait on the food. so yeah from 4 in the afternoon, the feast didnt start until 10.15 that night. yeah that long. anyways it was a good feast when we went back. spent most of the day helping my grandmothers, they even both made jokes at the feast which were a hit btw. played a quick bingo as things were wrapping up. my grandma won. and i needed one number. oh well! spent the night at my grandparents. they wanted me there. so i stayed. and thats that.

The next day i watched tv and talked to my grandparents and then walked home. walked an hour cuz thats how long it took to get there. watched vhs movies with my little sisters cuz someone stole the dvd player. another problem on the rez. mostly hanged with my little sisters that night. helped them with their pokemon game. getting their stats up..again! mostly it until that night that is. the band constables came to inform us of my brothers and their misdeeds. one of them was tryin to escape the band constables and went through the ice. idiot!!! he's ok now. if i ever get my hands on him....yeah. the other well didnt do anything stupid other than try to fight anyone. moron!! yeah. nice to know my brothers and sister are not fucking things up. why? i dont know. yeah. no more about them.

next day, i packed and hugged my little sisters and left for the airport. since my aunt couldnt drive across the ice cuz she doesnt have 4x4, i had to walk. good thing someone gave me a ride. good thing, cuz i dont think i could have caught the flight on-time. and i made it back to wpg. thats that!

yeah, thats it.
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