Frost (thexphase) wrote,

drama ent

well, lets first start off that i was in a bad mood the day before class because apparently we werent suppose to be gettin marked on monday but the next class we have after reading week. reading week....pfft. anyways, after much debate with my prof, i talked to my partner just and we decided to go ahead and do it anyways cuz well, we were prepared unlike the rest of our classmates. we worked out asses off cuz we met everyday from monday to thursday and practised. hell even missed some assignments and classes just so we could meet and work together. so we did our scene and it was going fine until the end when just forgot the piece of paper he was suppose to hand to me and it screwed me up but it didnt matter cuz we still got a really good mark. which is pretty much what we were looking for. we were suppose to be the only ones to perform our scenes but apparently we inspired rhea and chava to do their scene as well. their scene was also really good. it was funny after they had did their scene, once ian and mel had graded them, she was excited and that she was gonna go to subway to celebrate. we all laughed and it was fun. once she had said that, the class decided to go to subway after class and eat before we left for our week long break. hell even ian bought the ones who did their scenes lunch well except for just cuz he bought his earlier than with us. once the two scenes were done, the rest of the class practised with their partners and that was the class before break. yeah.
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