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Spartan 117

Spartan 117

10 February
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R.I.P. Eddie "Latino Heat" Guerrero VIVA LA RAZA!
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Lie, Cheat, Steal, the way of the guerreo!
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i have a thing for asian, goth and punk chicks. if i ever met an asian goth/punk girl....id probably ask her to marry me! probably....maybe....probably....yeah cant decide.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTila Nguyen....HOT!!!

the dark consumes me or the dark is consumed by me....
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i love order and chaos and i live in-between. torn by everything and everyone in every direction im being pulled in.

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30 days of night, a perfect circle, accents, adriana lima, aj styles, ales hemsky, alex ross, amatuer wrestling, angelina jolie, angels, anger, anime, asian girls, batman, beautiful eyes, biting, blue eyes, boy hits car, canada, chris jericho, comic books, comics, crossbreed, daniel igalis, dark days, darkness, dc comics, despising ppl, disturbed, dragons, drawing, edmonton oilers, eminem, evil genius, exiles, finger eleven, fire, frank miller, frank sinatra, freak, geek, godsmack, graphic novels, green eyes, green lantern, halo, hating ppl, hockey, hockey night in canada, horror movies, ice, image comics, industrial music, insanity, japan, japanese girls, japanese language, jerseys, jessica alba, johnny depp, jordin tootoo, justice league, kane, kate beckinsale, kelly hu, korn, legacy, lone wolf, lucy liu, lust, lycans, mad scientist, mandy moore, manga, manitoba moose, marvel comics, master chief, mortal kombat, music, my legacy, mythology, nerd, new x-men, nhl, night, optimus prime, orgy, pain, petey williams, phenomenal, piercings, pleasurable pain, poetry, rage, rain, rap metal, russian language, ryan smyth, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, scorpion (mk), slow snowfall, smallville, snes, snow, spartan, spartan 117, spawn, spider-man, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stone temple pilots, street fighter, suicide girls, superman, swords, taking over the world, tattoos, team canada, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 0pen mind, the cold, the rock, the vampire chronicles, the vampire lestat, the x phase, tila nguyen, tna wrestling, toronto, toronto raptors, transformers, ultimate x-men, uncanny x-men, underworld, unique, utter loniless, val kilmer, vampires, video games, winnipeg, wolverine, wolves, writing, x-box, x-men, zeromancer, zhang ziyi