Frost (thexphase) wrote,

drama ent

well before class started, laura invited us to her birthday party. we started off with the usual stretching and vocal exercises. after that we did zip, zap and boink. where we zip to pass left or right, zap to pass across and boink to reject the pass. so after that, ian changed the concept of zip, zap and boink. instead of using zip, zap or boink we had to act out a action and pass it. saw rhea move. no comment. anyways after that ian changed it again this time we had to do an action but we had to make a sound. saw her move again. no comment. it was fun. after that, we did some scene work where we are on a bus and we had to act on the bus. yeah it was fun. after that, we did a class act where we all had to take turns giving each other emotions to act out. man it was great and fun. damn that jono. yeah. anyways after that we finished it off with us acting out characters the class made. we created 4 characters on the board which was really crappy to tell you the truth. in the end it was jono and rhea....them again. they did two of the characters on the board and it was good. that was class, in the end, everyone was talking, didnt know the location of the party until late in the day and didnt even know there was a class luncheon with ian. yeah everyone was talking. had to choose a new partner for the scene work. class tom.
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