Frost (thexphase) wrote,

drama ent

when to class on time for a change. actually now that i have my own place, yeah i can pretty much do that. we started off with the circle where we talked about anything and since we were coming back from the break, everyone talked about their vacations. once everyone had their chance to talk, we did the usual strench and vocal practise. we did the "i love you" except we had to say it as i love oranges this time. did short stories, well at least that was the idea except the ones who were chosen kept making the stories longer. juice and i wanted to go next but ian kept chosing other mates instead. we wanted to volunteer. oh well. after that, ian wanted a different approach and since the election was coming up, we all played political leaders and held an voting forum. it was funny. towards the end, we all went into groups of three and had to chose a leader. my group chose me and we acted out our part where the other two were vying for a special gift that i would grant them. i was Ra the Sun God. it was fun. killed matt because he questioned my god-hood and gave eternal life to rachel. fun. that was drama, our first class back.
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